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REClosure's Real Estate Tokenization Exchange enables fractional ownership of real estate assets through blockchain technology. This makes investment more accessible and liquid, while also providing a secure and transparent investment experience.

  • Fractional ownership through tokenization makes real estate investment more accessible and liquid.
  • Blockchain technology provides transparency, security, and efficiency.
  • REClosure's Smart Contract technology ensures regulatory compliance.

REClosure's platform offers innovative services that combine the stability of real estate with the liquidity of cryptocurrency. Its Social Housing Fund provides investors with an opportunity to support affordable and sustainable housing solutions, making a positive impact on communities.

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REClosure's state-of-the-art dashboard offers a seamless and transparent experience for all parties involved in the real estate transaction process.

Tokenization Solutions

End-to-end tokenization services for real estate assets that increase yields

Instant Liquidity

Instant liquidity of tokens via P2P transactions, ensuring the safety of your investment

Smart Contracts

Smart Contract technology that simplifies complex transactions and increases ease of use

Portfolio Diversification

Opportunities to diversify investment portfolios with tokenization of different real estate assets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is real estate tokenization?

Real estate tokenization is the process of creating digital tokens that represent ownership rights in real estate assets. These tokens can be bought, sold, and traded on a blockchain-based platform, making investment in real estate more accessible and liquid.

What are the benefits of investing in real estate through REClosure's platform?

REClosure's platform offers many benefits, including increased accessibility, liquidity, and transparency. By leveraging blockchain technology, REClosure's platform provides a secure and efficient investment experience for its users.

What is REClosure's Social Housing Fund?

REClosure's Social Housing Fund is an investment opportunity that enables investors to support the development of affordable and sustainable housing solutions. By investing in this fund, investors can make a positive impact on communities.

How does REClosure ensure regulatory compliance?

REClosure's platform utilizes Smart Contract technology to automatically enforce Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. This ensures full compliance with regulatory requirements.

What are the fees for using REClosure's platform?

REClosure charges a fee for each transaction on its platform, which varies depending on the type of transaction. Additionally, REClosure charges a fee for its Tokenization as a Service and DeFi Lending Opportunity services. However, REClosure offers discounted transaction fees for its company token holders.

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